Introducing Cisco’s next-generation CW9800 wireless controllers

Cisco recognizes the importance of innovating for both cloud-based and on-premises customers. To support their on-premises customers, Cisco is introducing a new family of next-generation wireless controllers. The Cisco Catalyst CW9800M, CW9800H1 and CW9800H2 bring significant performance and efficiency gains over the previous generation of wireless controllers, while also reducing the form factor in the […]

The Cisco Catalyst 9136 Access Point

The Catalyst 9136 is Cisco’s latest addition to the Catalyst 9100 AP line up, and is their first AP with Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz) capability. This is the big brother to the 9130, in pretty much every way. The Cisco Champions program allowed me to test the 9136, and I was pleasantly surprised when I first […]

Building a Catalyst 9800-CL Lab with an Intel NUC

This guide is intended to walk you through the process of installing VMware ESXi on an Intel NUC, so that you can install multiple Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL Virtual Machines for Lab/Training/Testing use. The Intel NUC is a fantastic platform to install the Catalyst 9800-CL because of the very small form factor, silent operation, multiple connectivity […]